QWERTY for Western European languages

Picture of Western European with altgr dead keys layout (screenshot of 'gkbd-keyboard-display -l us?altgr-weur')

The altgr-weur layout on macOS

Quick and easy (if you are using HomeBrew): copy and paste the line below into a terminal:

brew install tjsousa/cask/altgr-weur

Manual install

If you are not using HomeBrew, try the method below. The information below was taken from Tiago's github page, where a possibly more recent version is available.

For the local user

Copy two files altgr-weur.keylayout (local alternative; github alternative; github permalink) and altgr-weur.icns to ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts.


Copy two files altgr-weur.keylayout and altgr-weur.icns to system-wide /Library/Keyboard Layouts.

A system-wide installation is preferred though to ensure the layout is available to all applications. (See also this Superuser answer.)


Open your keyboard preferences in System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources and click the + button on the bottom left side and select AltGr WEur under Others:

Screenshot of MacOS keyboard selection dialog

The macOS version of AltGr-WEur is kindly provided by Tiago Sousa.